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24 Carat Conversations

Oct 18, 2020

Debbie Boyd, by her own account was living a happy married and blessed life as an accomplished Supply Chain Sourcing Director for a major Silicon Valley technology company and Mother to two beautiful daughters.  In October 2005, Debbie’s life dramatically changed when her 27 year old daughter Christie disappeared without a trace from a casino in Placer County CA. In 2006 the man that abducted Christie was convicted of her murder and sentenced to 59 years to life in prison, but refused to disclose where he hid Christie’s body.   After nearly “15” difficult years, on August 20, 2020, Debbie received the news that her beloved daughter Christie’s remains had finally been recovered; they were found buried at the killer’s former home in Auburn, CA.  

Throughout this difficult journey, Debbie has remained steadfast in her Faith and never lost hope of finding her daughter.  Debbie has turned the grief, anguish and torture inflicted upon her and her family into action and goodness, by serving others through victim advocacy, teaching, and awareness.  

Debbie shares her story of loss and victory in this episode and we know that you will find her story very inspirational.

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