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24 Carat Conversations

May 10, 2021

We had a great conversation with Jen Jones about leading a significant life.

Jen Jones is the founder and CEO of Jen Jones Direct LLC, and creative architect of the Significant Conference. Through her books, courses, conferences and Significant Life groups, she equips and empowers women to create the life they love on the foundation of faith. Jen and her husband Marcus are living this great adventure with their four children in San Diego, California.

Jen knows what it’s like to experience the unexpected and have to grow through life’s greatest challenges. She advocates for differently-abled kids and their parents because she is mom to a daughter with Down Syndrome. She helps families identify their core values and champions women to know and own their God-given worth to live a life of significance.

She is a certified health coach, and has built a nationwide health and wellness business. She guides people on a path to help them take control of their health—mentally, physically and spiritually. She is in the personal transformation business.

Jen has appeared as a speaker and coach in numerous conferences, retreats and podcasts, including ABC Family and the Live Out Loud Show. She is also the author of Thrive: Growing Through Life’s Greatest Challenges, Tribe: Building Your Family on What Matters Most, and The Five-Minute Marriage Mentor.

You are going to enjoy this conversation! 

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