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24 Carat Conversations

Aug 30, 2023

Are you finding it a challenge to establish healthy boundaries within your family dynamics? If so, our latest episode featuring the insightful Lauren Rainey Tenny is a must-listen! Tune in as we delve into the art of setting boundaries, uncovering strategies to initiate this transformative practice in your life.

In this engaging conversation, we explore the essence of healthy boundaries and how they pave the way for harmonious relationships. If you've been grappling with drawing the line, Lauren offers invaluable insights to guide you through the process. We dive into the origins of our boundaries, often rooted in our personal struggles and insecurities, shedding light on the interplay between inner growth and setting boundaries.

So, whether you're sipping your morning coffee or winding down in the evening, join us for this enlightening discussion. Discover the power of embracing boundaries as a tool for greater self-awareness and balanced connections. Tune in now and embark on a journey toward healthier relationships and personal empowerment. πŸŒŸπŸ”Š



Here is a little bit about our guest Lauren Rainey Tenney

Lauren Tenney is a writer, speaker, and mentor from Franklin, TN. She is passionate about helping others see and experience a life of peace and freedom. Armed with tools she has used herself, she has devoted her time and energy to providing 1-on-1 mentor sessions where she takes you on the ultimate personal development journey filled with real talk and practical tools so you can push through stale paradigms to develop a stronger sense of self, genuine empathy, and deeper faith. If you’re ready to make the shift from your old self and start thriving β€” maybe for the first time ever β€” today,  find her on Instagram LaurenRaineyTenney.


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